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“The bitterness of poor quality lingers on long after the sweetness of a low bid is forgotten.” Anonymous

When trees are trimmed 'production style' it causes undo stress to be placed on the tree. Production style pruning leads to a undesirable growth patterns. The long term results of this style can be very detrimental to trees, leaving them more susceptible to a host of problems including insect infestation, disease or even branch failure. When compared with the non-aggressive style of ornamental pruning, the long term cost of maintaining your tree can doubled or even tripled.

The cost of maintaining trees can not be measured by just the price of a single trimming. The style of pruning determines the price of your bid. In turn, the amount of time spent in each tree determines the quality of the prune. The long term harm caused to your trees by a cheap bid (or production pruning), should be taken into consideration before you let just anyone with a truck and chainsaw cut your trees. Measuring the value of structural integrity, aesthetics, and resilience of your tree is important in evaluating the true cost of maintenance over the life of the tree.

Planning for the future growth of your trees is paramount for their structural integrity and beauty. With proper pruning and maintenance, the life expectancy of your trees can be assured. Less is more; by making small cuts in the crown of the tree, growth is directed in the proper direction. Small cuts heal sooner than large cuts, reducing the chance of decay entering the tree. Remember the quote above when considering a low bid for your tree care - you will pay more in the future, guaranteed!