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Topping trees often give the owner a misguided sense of safety. Trees that are topped are more likely to fail than trees that have been properly pruned. There is never a good reason to top a tree.*

Tree biology is often is over looked by bargain tree companies. Bargain tree companies tend to over prune trees because it is faster to make larger chainsaw cuts than to use a pole pruner on a tree. Chainsaw trimming trees takes less time and is cheaper than pole pruning your trees because we all know - time is money. Topping promotes abnormal growth patterns. This abnormal growth is not attached to the structural wood of tree and is more likely to fail.

We often give estimates where the customer ask for the tree to be ‘topped’ or says the tree is to tall. We educate our clients on the pitfalls to this style of pruning and guild them in the correct manner of tree preservation. Height or size of the tree does not equal danger. Trees become dangerous when many factors come into equation such as; un-maintained tree, improper trimming (topping), wind, rain, root damage, construction damage, over watering, lack of watering and the like.

Unscrupulous tree companies will give you what you ask for without informing you of the long term damage you will cause your tree by topping it. Trees are an investment to your property and should be protected. Anyone who states that they ‘top’ trees in their literature or verbally should not be considered if you truly care about your trees. BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU ASK FOR!

  * Trees are topped away from power lines for electrical safety but the practice harms the tree and leads to an unsafe growth pattern. We do not recommend planting trees under powerlines.