Tree Removal in Santa Ana, CA Is Dangerous: Make Sure You Call a Professional!

Tree Removal in Santa Ana, CA Is Dangerous: Make Sure You Call a Professional!

August 6, 2018

Avid do-it-yourselfers take great pride in caring for anything and everything. They fix appliances, change their own oil and continuously take on home improvement projects. One thing DIY-ers (or any homeowners, for that matter) shouldn’t do, though, is try to tackle tree removal in Santa Ana, CA.

Removing a tree might sound easy, even if you’ve seen it done hundreds of times. Trust us, though—it’s anything but easy. Proper tree removal takes years of experience and a lot of technical skill to ensure nobody onsite is injured during the process. Here are a few of the risks that make tree removal so dangerous:

  • Improper equipment: Unless you’re an arborist, you probably don’t have all of the proper tree removal equipment lying around your garage. Some of the things you’ll need to remove a tree could include a chainsaw, ropes, climbing gear and a wood chipper. Without the right equipment, you could wind up injuring yourself or others. On top of that, you’ll need protective gear like hard hats, safety goggles, gloves and heavy-duty boots. Instead of investing in all of this gear and risking your life, just call us to remove your tree!
  • Power lines: You probably don’t pay much attention to the power lines that run through your yard. After all, unless your power is out, there’s no real reason to worry about them—that is, until you need to remove a tree. Navigating around power lines is risky, even for the professionals. Hitting a live wire could knock out the electricity in your neighborhood, and even electrocute you. Don’t risk your life—let us worry about dangerous power lines.
  • Decaying wood: If you’re removing a tree because it’s diseased, dying or just plain dead, you need to worry about decaying wood. Trees often decay from the inside out, becoming more and more unstable as the days go by. An unstable tree is more likely to topple over, crushing anyone in the area. We use special techniques and take great care in removing these unstable trees. Unless you’re an arborist who understands the intricacies of a rotting tree, you’re better off leaving removal to the pros.
  • Gravity: Assuming you remember a little bit from middle school science class, you understand the basics of gravity. What you probably don’t understand, however, is how gravity affects a falling tree. Unfortunately, trees don’t always topple over in the direction you want them to. They can fall back when you want them to fall forwards, or to the left when you want them to fall to the right. Needless to say, that’s a serious issue! Rest easy knowing that we can get your tree to fall over in the correct direction, so you (or your house) won’t be crushed.

This summer, focus your energy on other projects around the house, rather than on tree removal in Santa Ana, CA. If your tree is diseased or dying, or if you’re just sick of having it around, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll be out as soon as possible to expertly remove that tree.

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