We Can Help with Tree Maintenance in Santa Ana, CA!

We Can Help with Tree Maintenance in Santa Ana, CA!

November 14, 2018

It doesn’t matter if the trees you own grow on a residential property or commercial land—you must keep up with proper tree maintenance. You have to maintain your trees so they stay healthy and grow full canopies. Preventative maintenance treatments help keep your landscape healthy and stave off common tree diseases and insects that would otherwise have an opportunity to kill the tree. Another reason to practice regular tree maintenance is to protect your roof from overhanging branches that can scrape shingles or break off and cause damage to roofing.

If you have trees, then you’re probably familiar with tree trimming. But what about the other important aspects of tree maintenance? Let’s take a look at the main components of tree maintenance in Santa Ana, CA.

Tree trimming

Trimming, also known as pruning, is one of the most important steps in tree maintenance. Depending on the type of tree that needs trimming, arborists recommend performing this care and maintenance task every three to five years. Keep in mind that some trees need pruning more often than other trees. If there are limbs you can safely reach, you may be able to do a little DIY trimming. If you aren’t comfortable doing it, or you have tall trees, work with a tree trimming professional who will do the job right.

Tree removal

There are several reasons why you might consider completely removing a tree from your property. If a tree is perfectly healthy and is not a hazard, hopefully you won’t cut it down. However, some instances call for removal of the tree and even the stump. It’s best to remove a tree that can no longer be maintained or that poses a risk to safety. Tree removal is an unfortunate but sometimes necessary part of overall property maintenance.


Trees that grow in the forests have access to an abundance of nutrients from the environment around it. Although forest trees don’t need help getting fertilized, this is not the case for the trees in your yard. Trees in suburban and urban environments are subjected to a bevy of stressful conditions, like compaction, minimal water and moisture, nutritious tree debris removal, physical damage and construction. When trees don’t have decomposing leaves, bark and twigs to provide nutrients, we must lend a helping hand. Fertilization is a maintenance step that can extend the life of trees and help defend them against disease and insects.

Soil management

It might never have occurred to you that the soil in your yard may be negatively affecting your trees. After all, soil is a combination of water, air, minerals and organic matter, but it’s not beneficial if compacted. Soil management keeps the soil composition balanced and enhances its quality. This is an especially important thing for trees in urban and suburban yards, because their soils are often compacted, dry and lacking nutrients. The result is poor tree growth and development.

It’s important to schedule regular tree maintenance in Santa Ana, CA. When you do this, trees stay healthy and full, and enjoy longer lives. ArborWest has been maintaining trees of various species and sizes for years and would love to help you. Call us anytime!

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