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The Benefits of Hiring an Arborist in Santa Ana, CA

January 3, 2019

The trees you have on your property add a lot in terms of aesthetic value and various ecological benefits. Therefore, it’s important that you put in the necessary effort to keep your trees in good health all year long. An arborist in Santa Ana, CA can work with you to be your full-service tree care professional. Here are just a few examples of some of the tasks an arborist can handle for you. Pruning Certified arborists have an in-depth understanding of when and how to prune trees to maintain and improve their appearance, safety and health. Trees need pruning on... View Article

The Benefits of Palm Tree Trimming in Santa Ana, CA

December 20, 2018

At ArborWest, we are pleased to provide high-quality palm tree trimming in Santa Ana, CA to owners of both residential and commercial properties. Be sure to give us a call whenever your palm trees are in need of a good trimming! But why exactly is it so important to stay on top of your palm tree trimming? If you’ve ever seen palm trees in the wild, you may have noticed the difference between pruned, well-manicured palm trees and palm trees that are left to grow uninhibited. Palm trees that are not trimmed can quickly become hazardous, so if the tree... View Article

Looking for Expert Tree Trimming in Santa Ana, CA? Call Now!

December 19, 2018

Trees can be a great addition to the landscaping on your property, but they don’t just maintain themselves. In order to keep your trees growing healthy and strong, it’s important to invest in regular tree trimming in Santa Ana, CA. If you’ve never had your trees professionally trimmed before, or if you’re on the fence about investing in this service, it’s a good idea to find out more about what you can expect from the tree trimming process. The importance of tree trimming Tree trimming is important and beneficial for a number of reasons. During tree trimming, several branches and... View Article

Do You Need a Tree Removed? Make Sure You Call Us!

December 5, 2018

Large, mature trees can provide shade and enhance the natural beauty of a commercial or residential property, but they can also pose a safety risk in some cases. If you have a tree that’s growing especially close to your home or another structure, or if your tree has a lot of limbs that are hanging over your home, you should consider whether it’s time for tree removal in Santa Ana, CA. Three are several different factors that you can take into account to help you make a decision about tree removal: Consider the location of your tree: When you first... View Article

We Can Help with Tree Maintenance in Santa Ana, CA!

November 14, 2018

It doesn’t matter if the trees you own grow on a residential property or commercial land—you must keep up with proper tree maintenance. You have to maintain your trees so they stay healthy and grow full canopies. Preventative maintenance treatments help keep your landscape healthy and stave off common tree diseases and insects that would otherwise have an opportunity to kill the tree. Another reason to practice regular tree maintenance is to protect your roof from overhanging branches that can scrape shingles or break off and cause damage to roofing. If you have trees, then you’re probably familiar with tree... View Article