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Looking for Expert Tree Trimming in Santa Ana, CA? Call Now!

December 19, 2018

Trees can be a great addition to the landscaping on your property, but they don’t just maintain themselves. In order to keep your trees growing healthy and strong, it’s important to invest in regular tree trimming in Santa Ana, CA. If you’ve never had your trees professionally trimmed before, or if you’re on the fence about investing in this service, it’s a good idea to find out more about what you can expect from the tree trimming process. The importance of tree trimming Tree trimming is important and beneficial for a number of reasons. During tree trimming, several branches and... View Article

Now Is the Best Time of Year for Tree Trimming in Santa Ana, CA!

September 21, 2018

There will be pros and cons to any season in which you choose to trim your trees, but trimming when the temperatures are cooler and the flowering has completed for the season minimizes the risk of bringing harm to the tree. That means that the best time for tree trimming services in Santa Ana, CA is often during the mid to late fall.  Here are a just a few of the many reasons why fall tree trimming can be so beneficial—and why you should call the experts at ArborWest to tackle the job. Why fall is the best Believe it... View Article

Tips for Better DIY Tree Maintenance and Tree Trimming in Santa Ana, CA

May 21, 2018

There are certain tree-related jobs you should only trust professionals to take on. This is especially true for jobs that require you to get up into the very highest parts of the tree—those types of jobs require special equipment and safety training that the vast majority of people simply do not have. However, there are other types of tree maintenance and tree trimming in Santa Ana, CA that you can easily accomplish yourself, including pruning of smaller trees and watering your young trees. Here are a few tips to help you get the best results out of your tree pruning... View Article