Tree Removal in Santa Ana, CA

Sometimes, trees are beyond saving. Those infested by pests or disease can quickly deteriorate until they begin to become a hazard. Cracked and splintering limbs or an unstable trunk can quickly become threats to nearby buildings, utilities or pedestrians. If you have a tree like this on your property, call ArborWest for tree removal in Santa Ana, CA.

We quickly and safely remove trees that are a threat on the property, no matter what stage of decay they may be in. We also work to remove trees damaged by severe storms and can help prevent your once-mighty tree from becoming an eyesore on your property.

Infected or Infested Trees

There are numerous pests that can become a nuisance to trees, eventually infecting and killing them. Some common tree pests include the Shot Hole Borer, the Goldspotted Oak Borer and more—these bugs cause widespread damage and can be the downfall of even the healthiest trees. In addition, numerous tree blights exist to damage trees internally, slowly rotting them away.

At ArborWest, we’re adept at identifying infected and infested trees. Even if your tree looks healthy, we’ll be able to tell you if it actually is, saving you the trouble of a tree that’s unstable or a danger to you. And, if and when we identify these trees, count on us to be your safe tree removal service in Santa Ana, CA.

Damaged or Dangerous Trees

Sometimes, age or storms leave trees compromised. Overburdened branches can crack and crash to the ground or high winds can blow debris into trees, causing them to suffer catastrophic damage. When these situations arise, the integrity of your tree is at stake and they tree itself will likely need to be removed.

Likewise, some trees are perfectly healthy, yet still need to be felled. Those growing too close to buildings or utilities are of particular concern, because they could damage these items or create dangerous situations. Whatever the case, count on us to safely and quickly remove your trees accordingly.

Not sure if a tree needs to be removed? Contact ArborWest today to schedule a free consultation. Give us a call at 714-997-8761 and we’ll let you know if your tree is a candidate for removal or if another course of action is possible.