Reasons to Remove Dead Trees This Summer

Reasons to Remove Dead Trees This Summer

May 21, 2018

Trees are a welcome addition to any landscape or residential property. They are beautiful, add shade and can provide some extra privacy. However, when those trees die off, it’s important to be proactive about removing them as soon as possible.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why it’s important to work with a tree removal service in Santa Ana, CA when you have dead trees on your property:

  • Dead trees attract pests:
    Dead and dying wood is a breeding ground for some pests you simply don’t want on your property. For example, termites, carpenter ants and various other types of wood-eating insects will be more than happy to eat into and create nests in dead trees on your property. Once that happens, they will multiply extremely quickly, which means the structural integrity of that tree will quickly be compromised. Rats also create nests inside dead trees, and the more rats you have on your property, the more likely it is they’ll try to find ways into your home to get food.
  • Dead trees are at risk of falling:
    Dead trees are significantly weaker than live trees, meaning there’s always a chance they could fall over. The way a tree falls could be quite unpredictable, meaning that, depending on where it’s located on your property, there’s a chance it could fall on your house, your fence, your garage, your car or your neighbor’s property. Get that tree down before it falls and causes preventable damage!
  • It is less expensive to remove a tree while it’s standing:
    Another reason to remove the dead tree while it’s still standing is that it costs much less money to remove the tree now than it does to remove it after it’s fallen, because you’ll need to also pay for repairs to anything the tree hits on its way down.
  • Diseases in trees can spread quickly:
    If your tree died because of some sort of disease, the rest of the trees in your neighborhood could be at risk. Certain types of tree diseases are highly contagious. Dutch Elm Disease, for example, wiped out a significant population of elm trees in the Midwest over the last several decades. It’s the responsible thing to do as a property owner to take down that tree before it spreads the disease to other trees in your area, doing some significant damage to your landscape.
  • Dead trees are unattractive:
    Dead trees are just ugly. You probably don’t want a dead tree sitting on your land, and it might actually hurt the curb appeal and value of your home by sitting there. Why not just get rid of it as soon as possible so you can refresh the appearance of your land?

These are just a few of the primary reasons why it’s important to cut down dead trees as soon as possible. For more information about cutting down trees, give ArborWest a call to learn more about our tree removal service in Santa Ana, CA.

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